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Computer Networking for Your Business

A properly configured local area network (LAN) makes it possible to automate tasks, consolidate valuable data, and protect all of your systems from hackers. Boston Computer Specialists, Inc. (BCSI) designs and configures LANs that fit each client's specific computer networking requirements.

Benefits of a Secure LAN

Having a secure LAN can save you time and money. Other benefits of a secure LAN include the following:

  • Consolidate Valuable Data Securely
  • Centralized Storage of Data
  • Backup Centralized Data Automatically
  • Destroy Viruses at the Gateway Entrance to Your Network
  • Eliminate Spam, Email Viruses, and Unwanted Garbage
  • Allow Multiple Machines Sharing FiOS or DSL to Access the Internet
  • Use Networkable Programs with Multiuser Site License
  • Protect Your Network with Central Firewall
  • Use Virtual Private Networks (Office to Office or Home to Office)
  • Control Any Machine on the Network Remotely
  • Print to Any Network Printer from Home or Office
  • Take Snapshots OSs for Disaster Recovery
  • Updates Antivirus Software on All Computers Automatically
  • Share Data and Peripherals Easily
  • Reconcile Laptop Data Easily with the File Server
  • Add, Remove, and Relocate Computers and Devices Easily
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BCSI also offers bespoke computer system design as well as service and support in Malden, Massachusetts, and the surrounding area, including the greater Boston area.